The Handicap Competition

For the 2019/2020 season, your initial handicap will be the handicap you finished with at the end of last year's series. Below is a brief explanation of how the handicapping system works:

  • New competitors will be assigned a handicap after three events, and this handicap will then be applied to your first three runs, as well as following weeks.
  • Your handicap is intended to be the average by which your percentage falls short of 100, with averages calculated over at least three runs.
  • A handicap is adjusted each time someone competes in 3 events.  Basically a 50% weighting is given to your existing handicap, and a 50% weighting to the calculation based on your last 3 runs.  Your handicap is likely to go up or down slightly, or stay the same.
  • Like the scratch competition, the sum of the best 6 handicap scores for the season will count.
  • The handicap prize winners will come from people that did not win a prize in the “scratch” competition.

The table below are the handicaps which apply at the start of this summer's series.

Handicaps (Nov 2019)

First_Name Surname Class Club Current_Handicap
Andrew Smith OM GO 2
Claire Joss OW CC 2
Melissa Robertson OW CC 4
Toni Bachvarova OW GO 5
Tom Joss OM CC 5
Mark Schaefer OM CC 11
Neil Prosser OM BF 11
Steven Roberts OM NC 12
Hilary Wood OW CC 14
Ian Jessup OM GO 16
Nick Dent OM CC 16
John Bulman OM GO 16
Warwick Selby OM GO 18
Martin Spink OM CC 18
Gordon Wilson OM BN 22
Andrew Goddard OM GO 22
Ross Barr OM GO 26
Julia Prudhoe OW CC 26
Colin Price OM CC 26
Paul Prudhoe OM CC 27
Justin Boyd OM NC 27
Luke Wilmott OM CC 28
Andrew MacDonald OM BF 28
Samuel Tsang OM CC 29
Suzanne Bramford OW CC 32
Elizabeth Borchorst OW DNK 33
David Bowerman OM CC 34
Bryony Cox OW GO 37
Rudi Landsiedel OM NC 37
Elizabeth Bulman OW GO 38
Robyn Pallas OW CC 38
Jose Zapata OM CC 38
Lachlan Harris OM CC 39
Justin Goodwin OM NC 42
Trent Jones OM 45
James Wolstenholme OM 47
Heiko Schaefer OM CC 48
Ivan Kent OM CC 48
Tim Cox OM GO 48
Terry Hunt OM CC 49
Elizabeth Bunn OW NC 50
Heather Kent OW CC 51
Dave Lotty OM UR 53
Dennis Sparling OM GO 58
Jack Hart OM NC 60
Zachary Goodwin OM NC 61
Neil Chappell OM CC 62
Thomas Bunn OM NC 63
Helge Soegaard OM DNK 64
Debbie Dickson OW CC 65
Gail Barr OW GO 70